10 inch heavy duty 22 gauge handcrafted galvanized steel metal tin barn star, painted in your choice of solid or rustic paint coverage. Solid paint coverage is total coverage of the star from edge to edge which gives the star a very clean and crisp appearance. The rustic paint coverage is where there is a contrasting base coat and the paint color selection is hand painted where the brush strokes can be seen at the bends of the star which gives the star a rustic or distressed appearance. Our painted galvanized barn stars are made for outdoor use (no rust will run down the side of your building!) but are perfect for indoor use as well. Painted stars begin with an industrial coat of primer and are topped with a couple coats of severe weather exterior paint. The back of the star has a strip of metal spot welded across the top tip for easy hanging. Weight 1 lb
Shipping cost: $9.00

*Please note that the 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 inch stars are 22 gauge steel and are not galvanized metal at this time but will soon be offered in galvanized. The back of those sized stars will arrive as bare steel and are susceptible to rusting. We recommend spraying a clear coat.

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